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This is now the main art gallery it will have a mixture of all that I am doing with very little denotation as to what or how any of it was produced. If you noticed that I had recently posted information regarding video and photos captured at our local drag race event center (Bandimere Speedway) I still have newer and more information to come along later this summer from doing that.

In the meantime I certainly hope that what I have here will still be something interesting to come and see once in a while. I am also going to make efforts to continue to post art at Renderosity in the ArtMaticPro/ArtMatic Voyager Gallery and at the same time put possible some concerned friends at ease as what may have happened to me since I have been online since 1999 non-stop. This is in fact the very first time that my phneline has been shut down in my entire adult life and hopefully as I stated it won't be too much longer until myself and my studio and site are back to narmal once again I really miss all of the people that I have always communicated with over the years online.

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